Birthday Celebration of Sir Arthur C. Clarke

A Centennial Birthday Celebration of the famed novelist, futurist, scientist, and master of science fiction Sir Arthur C. Clarke was held at Grand Vue Park in Moundsville, WV. There were many discussions about creating outdoor interactive exhibits for the public and students to participate in. This session was just one of many that have occurred over the past year, and more are being planned for the spring.

The goal of Clarke Park is to inspire the present and future generations of young people of all ages to celebrate space and space exploration by rocket and imagination, inspiring these generations to explore the vast gulfs between the stars and one day discover, survey, and live among the innumerable worlds of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Clarke Park Project will serve as a local (on the grounds of Grand Vue Park) source of informal space-science education and promote a little realized side of family friendly eco-tourism for the State of West Virginia.  The Clarke Park will bring Sir Arthur C. Clarke fans and their families to Grand Vue Park (and WV) to experience astronomy and space sciences exhibits at the heart of NASA research and educational outreach.

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