WV Science Public Outreach Team Student Ambassador Application

As a WV SPOT Ambassador, you will represent Green Bank Observatory (GBO), NASA, your college or university, and WV. This is an opportunity to learn about the world-class science that’s happening in West Virginia and to bring this excitement to students. Since you are serving as a role model for youth, being a WV SPOT Ambassador is a privilege. We will cover your training expenses, help you schedule visits to schools, and pay you honorarium for each presentation you deliver. Your job is to learn at least one presentation by January and visit at least 2 schools by the end of the academic year. You will need to be responsible, timely in your communication, flexible, enthusiastic, and personable. These “soft skills” will be incredibly important for you as you move forward in your career!

In order to be accepted as a SPOT ambassador, you will need a faculty recommendation from someone who knows you in an academic or professional capacity. This can be the SPOT Campus Advisor on your campus. Please check out our “Become and Ambassador” page on our website: wvspot.org to find out who your Campus Advisor is, where they are on campus, and when to meet with them or email spot.wv@gmail.com with questions.