Meeting Presentations

Here, you can view the presentations from our previous meetings.

Fall 2017

Report to the Board of Directors
Dr. Jaridi, Director of NASA WV Space Grant Consortium, welcomed new members of the board, then presented an overview of the Space Grant and EPSCoR programs at the State and national level.

Ongoing Activities Report
Kati Baker, outreach coordinator of NASA WV Space Grant Consortium, gave a brief presentation on activities and events that the K-12 and Extension and Public Outreach (EPO) programs had over the year. Recent internships, current research, and publications were also included.

MU-SPACE Eclipse Balloon Project
Two Marshall University students, Jacob Staggs and Derek Staley, talked about their experience with the eclipse as they participated in a national event thanks to the Montana Space Grant Consortium. They created a team to participate along with 54 others across 31 states. Going to Illinois to be in the totality path of the eclipse, they sent payloads into the atmosphere at around 80,000 feet!

Eclipse Project/RockOn!
Dr. Melanie Page from WVU gave a presentation about work she observed and participated in with the solar eclipse. She also spoke about her involvement with RockOn! at Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) sponsored by Colorado and Virginia Space Grant Consortia as well as WFF. Launch video links are on slide 12.

Supported by Dr. Winnie Fu, Dr. Kimberlyn Gray, and Dr. Afrin Naz at WVU-IT, the Association of Women Engineers, Scientists, or Mathematicians Empowerment (AWESOME) gave an overview of their organization’s purpose and goals. They encourage and welcome everyone to join and hope to create more chapters across the state at other institutions.

FLL in West Virginia
Michael Lyden spoke about the status of FLL in the state, representing NASA IV&V Program Educator Resource Center and Robotics Alliance. In detail, he covered the growing development of various robotics programs and their accomplishments in competitions.

Space Flight Design Challenge
Emily Certain and Sebastian Reger explained RockSat and their future goals for the program to increase participation. They also spoke individually about RockSat-C and RockSat-X, respectively, as they are each a team lead of the projects.

Morgan Cassels and Rosemberth Lopez, interns of WVSGC, worked with Mr. Marcus Fisher at NASA IV&V to design and build a payload which attached to the WVSGC high-altitude balloon, recording NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) data along the ecliptic path. Here are some of the pictures they captured from the experiment.