STEM for My Education (STEM for ME)

STEM tutorial on how to make a Katherine Johnson Paper Doll by Ms. Jada Williams

STEM Student Highlight and Catapult Activity by Ms. Savannah Toney

STEM Highlight and Heating/Cooling Activity by Ms. Sophie de Saint Georges

STEM Activities

The following is a list of informal science lessons for remote learning.

● Provide elementary students access to hands-on STEM-based lessons at home.
● Increase science content knowledge and science process skills according to Next Generation
Science Standards.
● Provide preservice elementary students with practicum experience.

Pre – K

Habitats Activity

Sensory Bottles Activity


Rain Gages Activity

Cloud in a Jar Activity

1st Grade

Moon Phases Activity

Sounds and Vibrations Activity

2nd Grade

States of Matter Activity

3rd Grade

Life Cycles Activity

Sunflower Growth Activity

4th Grade

Dino Dig Activity

5th Grade

Circulatory Systems Activity

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