WVSU NASA Engineering Camp

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton

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FULL VIRTUAL! CoderZ from Intellitek

Target Audience: Students in 5th grade and up
Duration: 3-week program

Description:  Thanks to a generous donation from Amazon Future Engineer, CoderZ is a free option that only requires an Internet connection and a computer with the Chrome Browser to use the highly-regarded Coder-Z platform to learn to code, and to compete with a virtual robot.  This program is for students in 5th grade and up.  This is an amazing opportunity for so many kids to learn to code, compete, and participate in robotics!  Students are trained through a 3-week program (June or July sessions) to code and compete a virtual robot.  High School Students get the chance to learn Python as well.
NOTE: Students CAN participate in both a virtual and a F2F camp!

Schedule:  There are TWO SESSIONS!  We are offering the early session starting June 8th and lasting 3 weeks until June 26th.  The later session begins July 13th and runs until July 31st.

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If you have questions, please contact: Todd.Ensign@FairmontState.edu, Todd.Ensign@FairmontState.edu

Destination SPACE Camp

Target Audience: Students who will enroll in grade 8-12 for 2020-2021 academic school year
Age Requirement: 13-18 years by July 2020
Deadline: Application form must be returned by June 8, 2020.
Late Registration: will remain open (as slots are available) until July 10th.
Cost: Free
Duration: 5-Day online and at-home camp
Required materials provided prior to camp

Our inaugural Destination SPACE summer camp has made the hard decision to go Virtual.  We have a few spots remaining on this highly-respected program sponsored by Global Science and Technology.  This shift means the door is open for students from anywhere in West Virginia!!!  Space is VERY limited, so apply TODAY!!!

We are now preparing plans for a 5-day Camp to accommodate the new online format. There will be time that everyone is together online and time that students will perform individual assigned activities at home.  There will be approximately 4 hours of online contact time each day.  All required materials will be provided to students prior to Camp.

The goal of the camp is fostering long-term interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) by providing students an engaging, hands-on, remote sensing educational opportunity. Satellite remote sensing provides a vast range of uses to analyze and potentially mitigate local and global environmental issues.

This 5-Day virtual camp is offered in coordination with NASA IV&V Education Resource Center, Global Science & Technology Inc., FSU, and Destination SPACE.  Regardless of your experience, education, or future aspirations, if you are interested in Space and Earth sciences and eager to make new and lasting connections, this is the camp for you! Participants will learn about satellites and remote sensing.  The camp will feature NASA scientists, engineers and educators and will be filled with stimulating science, engineering, and team building activities to foster future innovation and provide professional development. Destination SPACE inspires and empowers students to develop into capable scientists to become the next generation of STEM leaders!

Application Link: Click here