The mission of the WVSGC is “to develop a statewide infrastructure that will enhance the state’s competitiveness in NASA-relevant research, education, and industrial/entrepreneurial activities. Specifically, the Consortium aims to capture, channel, and enhance the interests and activities of current and potential scientists and engineers in its member institutions.” 

Ways to accomplish this mission have been strategically identified in three goals.

Goal 1: promote and support the research efforts of Consortium faculty and students in areas of interest to NASA, and be an effective agent of change in STEM education in the state. 

Goal 2: develop and promote programs to recruit and retain underrepresented populations. 

Goal 3: enhance pre-college students’ interest and enthusiasm in STEM disciplines

Programs are designed to not only advance our Mission, but also be aligned with Strategic Priorities of the Office STEM Engagement, Space Grant Objectives, as well as foster collaboration with NASA’s Mission Directorates.

NASA research priorities are defined by the Mission Directorates (Aeronautics Research, Science, Space Technology, Exploration Systems Development, or Space Operations), and NASA’s ten Centers. Each Missions Directorate and Center covers a major area of the Agency’s research and technology efforts.


Strategic Plan