Programs for K-12 Educators and Public Outreach

K-12 Professional & Curriculum Development

One of the main goals of the West Virginia Space Grant Consortium is to enhance the interests and enthusiasm of K-12 students and teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. To achieve this goal, the Consortium encourages teachers, schools, or non-profit organizations to design and implement K-12 professional development projects or new curricula that can include class activities but with the main emphasis on teacher development.

K–12 Professional & Curriculum Development Application Form

Evaluation Criteria

WVSGC Extension and Public Outreach

The Extension and Public Outreach program support individuals (or teams) to develop new and innovative extension and outreach programs in West Virginia. Examples of such programs are: conferences that promote the understanding, education, development, and utilization of space; learning opportunities to parents and family members to disseminate information about STEM opportunities; seminars or training sessions that encourage interdisciplinary training and research in aerospace-related fields; or informal education activities for the general public (e.g., Science Day or NASA Day) or for students (e.g. astronomy clubs).

WVSGC Extension and Public Outreach Application Form

Evaluation Criteria

Required Application Rules:

  1. Proposals must be submitted on-line. Please note that the applicant is responsible for completeness and accuracy of the material contained in the proposal. Any deviation from the stated rules and requirements will result in disqualification of the proposal.
  2. Each award category is judged separately based on published criteria. However, the NASA WVSGC will review all submitted proposals and consider each proposal’s total scores, combined with other considerations, in reaching a final award decision.
  3. Each Principal Investigator (PI) may submit no more than one proposal per category.
  4. Proposers must be very clear about the goals and objectives (what they propose to do) and the methodology to achieve those goals and objectives (how they plan to execute the project).
  5. Please note that all proposals must align with one of the five NASA Mission Directorates. . (Aeronautics Research, Science, Space Technology, Exploration Systems Development, or Space Operations). To read about the latest programs and current interests for the Mission Directorates, please click here.  Failure to clearly indicate the alignment with a NASA Mission Directorate will result in disqualification of the proposal and not being forwarded to the reviewers.
  6. Recipients of NASA WV Space Grant funds must be U.S. Citizens.
  7. The use of NASA funds for foreign travel and purchase of equipment is prohibited.
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Their selflessness inspired me to give back to others and is largely the reason I have enjoyed teaching so much at Johns Hopkins for the last three years.

– Kerri Phillips, 2005-2009 West Virginia Space Grant Participant