TMC Summer Internship Opportunity

Paid Summer Internship Opportunity Unmanned Aerial Systems for Recreational Use and Educational Learning

Project Description: TMC2 Technologies (TMC) is a high technology company located in Fairmont, WV, that is involved in projects funded by NASA, FBI, and DOD. TMC is seeking students who are interested in pursuing a drone-related research project of their choosing within one of the focus areas listed below:

Projects are not limited to the subtopics listed above, only the area of focus. At the end of the summer internship, a final report will be required that should capture key data and metadata elements, achievements, and lessons learned associated with the internship activity. TMC will provide project oversight and guidance.

Job Title: TMC Summer Intern
Number of Positions: 2
Expected Start Date: May 2020
Rate: $15/hour
Duration: Up to 10 weeks
Work Location: Fairmont, WV
Deadline to Apply: February 22, 2020
Desired Skills:
– Experience with drones and a clear understanding of drone regulations and usage as governed by the FAA
– Computer science, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, or aerospace engineering background

Application Requirements: Resume, cover letter, and a one-page proposal outlining your desired project focus area and subtopic. The cover letter should include you areas of interests, a description of your qualifications, and career aspirations.

Please send all questions and application materials (in PDF format) by February 22, 2020, to Ms. Kathleen Baker ( at the NASA WV Space Grant Consortium.