Student Internship Programs

NASA Internships are educational hands-on opportunities that provide unique NASA-related research and operational experiences for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. These internships integrate participants with career professionals emphasizing mentor-directed, degree-related, real-time world task completion. During the internship participants engage in scientific or engineering research, development, and operations activities. In addition, there are non-technical internship opportunities to engage in professional activities which support NASA business and administrative processes. Click here for comments from previous WVSGC sponsored interns!

State-Level Internship Programs

Please Note: For opportunities at WV high-tech companies, please send your letter of interest and a copy of your resume directly to the WVSGC office.

Some of the high-tech companies students have interned at in the past include but are not limited to:

  • Bombardier
  • Engine & Airframe Solutions Worldwide, LLC
  • National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)
  • TMC Technologies, Inc.
  • WV High Technology Consortium Foundation

National-Level Internship Programs

Please Note: For all the listed opportunities, students must apply through the WVSGC if they seek our endorsement and commitment of funds. A copy of all applications must be forwarded to our office.

To apply for additional NASA internship opportunities, please visit the NASA Internships and Fellowships website.